Flood & Fire Restoration.

Grime Scene Queens fully understand the implications of water & fire damage to the fabric of a building - these not only include short term remediation work but also the long term impact of what can be expected when a building gets wet or suffers dame from a fire or smoke.

We find that in the vast majority of flood restoration cases / fire restoration cases we visit where previous water damage, smoke dame or fire damage has occurred, that repairs have been carried out by general building contractors who unfortunately, have had little or no understanding of the long term effects caused by flood, fire and smoke damage.

Grime Scene Queens are specialists when it comes to repairing buildings affected by water ingress, flooding, fire and smoke and understand both the short term effects and the long term issues and can be called upon to provide high quality restoration work, as well as the specialist advice and guidance required prevent future problems and replacing the necessary. Where buildings are affected by other forms of contamination introduced by flood water or smoke, our specialist decontamination services or odour removal services can ensure that building is returned to you safe and in pristine condition.