Rats, Mice & Rodent Control.

Grime Scene Queens have many years experience in the control of rats, mice and other rodents. Not only are rodents a 'pest' to a lot of people, rat & mouse infestation and subsequent extermination is essential to a lot of businesses around the Scotland in order to comply with public health law. Getting rid of rats & mice or keeping them under control is just one of the services we offer. Whether it is a one off call out, or as part of an annual pest control contract we can offer solutions to your problem whether it is in the house or at commercial property.

Rats & mice are known carriers of a wide range of serious diseases transmittable to humans, these include Weil's disease, rat bite fever, cryptosporidiosis, viral hemorrhagic fever, Q fever and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. They also infest and ruin foodstuffs and cause serious structural damage to buildings, pipework and wiring systems by their constant gnawing and the gnawing of electrical wires is a particularly common cause of fires.